Important: I No Longer Support Or Recommend Hostgator For Hosting Your Company's Website!
Read this message for my reasons why, and what I recommend today...

You've arrived to this page from my webhosting recommendation link. However, I no longer recommend Hostgator for hosting. Here's why...

In early 2013, Hostgator was purchased by a company that moved its datacenter into a consolidated server farm with several other acquired companies. The resulting service quality rapidly deteriorated. This meant too frequent downtimes, maintenance issues and more. Additionally, their customer service experience dropped (it used to be the best!). Finally, too many of my colleagues experienced account restrictions without notice, impacting our bottom lines.

Since 2009, I've had the bulk (and now all) of my websites hosted on ServInt VPS servers. Any time I've had an issue (security, traffic load, cron jobs, etc.), the support has been fast, knowledgeable, and most importantly - complete!

Yes, you'll spend more money upfront on hosting with a VPS account, but avoiding the downtime, headaches, and customer frustrations is well worth it!

Check them out for yourself!